Veterinary Diagnostic Services

When your pet needs veterinary diagnostic services in McKean, PA, count on the professionals at McKean Veterinary Hospital. We have three veterinarians and highly trained technicians and assistants on staff at our full-service hospital.

We strive to practice evidence-based veterinary care. This means we do our best, in most cases, to reach an accurate diagnosis based on examination and supportive testing.

Our hospital is equipped with a state of the art laboratory which allows us to perform in house blood, urine and fecal testing and get answers while you wait. In addition, we use digital radiography which gives us the highest quality X-ray images. We are comfortable performing more advanced diagnostics and regularly consult with specialists to maintain the highest standards in diagnostic testing.

Diagnostic tests available for your pet include

  • Complete blood count and Chemistry profiles
  • Urinalysis and urine cultures
  • Parasite screening including heartworm disease
  • Lyme and tick disease testing
  • Digital radiographs—chest, abdomen, limbs, backs and hips
  • OFA hip testing
  • EKG and cardiac enzyme testing
  • Skin testing for mites, fleas, infection and allergy
  • Eye tests for scratches, inflammation, glaucoma and dry eye
  • Trans-tracheal washes to diagnose airway disease
  • Reproductive conditions
  • Fluid collection from chest cavity, abdominal cavities and CSF taps
  • Aspirates and biopsies of growths
  • Endocrine disease testing— Thyroid, Diabetes, Cushings syndrome, Addison’s disease

Radiology – Vet-Rad Inc. offers veterinary tele-radiology and diagnostic imaging for 24/7 access to radiographs that need an expert evaluation or second opinion. X-rays are sent online to this specialty practice for a detailed report about your pet’s problem.

Contact us today for specialty veterinary services available at our animal hospital. Our veterinarians proudly serve pets and their families from McKean, Erie, and Fairview, Pennsylvania, as well as the surrounding communities.